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Web2UI is specialized in UI design services, aiming at designing products that deliver a long-lasting impact.

As you know there are millions of apps and websites out of which a few thousand are leading. Do you ever try to know why these sites are so appealing to users? It is there successful user interface and user experience design. At Web2UI, we do exactly that by focusing on building a great user experience. We are a dream-catchers, conduct user research, design, testing & implementation to provide compelling UI designs.

How We Do It?

While designing your app/site we follow 6 important steps:

1. UX Research:

Try to discover the purpose of the product, target audiences, and their expectations.

2. Storyboarding:

Define use cases and try to build storyboards for each use case.

3. Sketching:

Make pencil sketching on various screens under different scenarios.

4. Wireframes:

Conduct designing without styling (adding no colours and images) and CTA placement strategy. It's also called low fidelity prototype.

5. Visual Design:

Creating a final design or high fidelity prototype with pixel perfect size and proper colours.

6. Proof Of Concept:

To give a solid idea of the application flow, we create interactive PoC or Proof of concept.


Overall, we aim at user experience design. For which we carefully study behaviour pattern of users from different demography and after that create a blueprint (wireframe) by analysing the studies. The next step focuses on user interface which is based on the designed wireframe. We keep the design simple yet attractive.

Why Hire Web2UI?

  • Provide valuable & user friendly design using the innovative UI | UX process.

  • Our UX experts provide compelling designs that attract your targeted customers.

  • Provide on time service.

  • Innovative approach, following the latest trend.

  • Weave features & details together into a single interface to attract users.

  • Affordable solution

Some User Interface Designs by Web2UI


WorkMarshal is an enterprise-level project management app for all size of companies, I created the new marketing web presence for them along with their explainer film.

Curated Concierge

Website design for one of the biggest concierge service providers in London, UK.

  • UX Defination
    UI design
    Web design services

Recrinder Dashboard

An enterprise app for desktop for connecting job seekers with available jobs, it's a complete job management portal for Whitman partners. We created the user experience and user interface for this app.

  • UX Defination
    UI design

Fusion Tables

Fusion Tables is a interior design company who invented the fusion table, see their website to see what they offers.

Elevate dashboard

A UX design for an enter-prise level dashboard where they manage data of more than hundred thousand transactions.

  • UX Defination
    UI design
    Web design services

Recrinder Mobile App

An enterprise app for mobile and tabs for connecting job seekers with available jobs, basically it's a complete job management portal for Whitman partners.

  • View in iTunes
  • iOS app development
    Android app development
    Prototype creation
    UI design

Bespken Bahamas

Website design for one of the biggest concierge service providers in Bahamas

  • UX Defination
    UI design
    Web design services

Porsche of Oakville

Website redesign for the Porsche of Oakville.

  • UX Defination
    UI design
    Web design services

Online Canvas

User Experience for n online canvas where users can create customised info-graphics, treeviews and flowcharts etc.

  • Wire-frame creation
    UX Defination
    UI design

Mobile Plan Manager

An iOS app for one of the biggest mobile service provider in Europe.

  • Prototype creation
    UI design

Fredrick's of Hollywood

Fredrick's of Hollywood is one of the biggest swimwear manufacturer of USA; we created their 2011 swimwear collections website.

  • UX Defination
    UI design
    Web development services

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Client Speaks


We had a great experience working with Web2UI, first on our website, and then a revision / expansion of our website and now the mobile app. The Web2UI team was prompt, their fees were reasonable, and their English language skills provided little to no barriers to communication. And most of all, their designs beat several dozen competitors as part of a design competition we initiated. Web2UI and his team continue to work on projects for Whitman Partners and we recommend him highly.

Kent and Josiah
Owners, Whitman Partners Inc.

Web2UI and its team did an excellent job in meeting and exceeding our expectations. The team was very thorough and cutting edge in their designs. The response time was always within 24 hours which gave us a quick turnaround time in all our projects. We would definitely recommend Web2UI to anyone seeking quality designs.

Chris B.
Owner & CEO, Sarifa Insurance Brokers Ltd.

I can't say how lucky I am to have found Web2UI. They provided me with a super-professional, mobile-friendly Web site at a fraction of the cost that local agencies in NYC were quoting me. They always answered my emails promptly and provided me with live Skype consultations at no extra charge. My newly designed site rivals that of a multi-million dollar corporation!

Hooman D.
Founder, NY Prep Tutors



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  •   We are a 12+ years old company
  •   Creativity with functionality is our secret
  •   Best User and Customer experience design solutions
  •   Solutions that meet your needs
  •   Specialist in designing dashboard & forex trading portal
  •   Team led by 17+ yrs. expert designer
  •   Interactive customer communication and service applications
  •   Response time : Max 12 hrs after request made.
  •   Less hierarchy in management.
  •   You assign tasks directly to your designers.
  •   30 days FREE support
  •   24 / 7 Support






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