UX Designs by Amalendu Hajraa

Interaction & UX Design for Web & Mobile Apps

by Amalendu Hajraa

16 years of Experience • Former UX Head of Pepperfry & S&P500


WorkMarshal is an enterprise-level project management app for all size of companies, I created the new marketing web presence for them along with their explainer film.

Cryptocurrency App

A creative concept for a cryptocurrency app for iOS.

Recrinder Dashboard

An enterprise app for desktop for connecting job seekers with available jobs, it's a complete job management portal for Whitman partners. We created the user experience and user interface for this app.

  • UX Defination
    UI design

Pay App Interaction

An interaction design for an upcoming mobile payment app.

Cabin-Crew Scheduler

UX for a schedule management app for aircraft crew and cabin crews where they can get their assignments and check in.

Curated Concierge

Website design for one of the biggest concierge service providers in London, UK.

  • UX Defination
    UI design
    Web design services


BollywoodMDB is one of the frontiers in the entertainment industry with more than 10 million users.

Elevate dashboard

A UX design for an enter-prise level dashboard where they manage data of more than hundred thousand transactions.

  • UX Defination
    UI design
    Web design services

Pinnacle Payment

Pinnacle is an upcoming mobile payment app in the US market.

Recrinder Mobile App

An enterprise app for mobile and tabs for connecting job seekers with available jobs, basically it's a complete job management portal for Whitman partners.

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  • iOS app development
    Android app development
    Prototype creation
    UI design

Parenting Academy

An Android app for rural India based health agents for collecting users data on vaccinations.

Dr. Batra's

A concept for redesign of Dr. Batra's Android based appointment booking system.

Meru Cab

A redesign concept for meru cab app to make it more user friendly and faster booking.

Citybase Apartments

Citybase Apartments is the UK's leading serviced apartments booking agency, giving you space, flexibility, and savings of 30% or more on comparable hotels.

Home Solution

An iPad app for remotely controlling all your home appliances. An app based on Internet of things (IoT)

The app was designed for one of the biggest home appliances manufacturer with global presence, the app helps consumers to manage their home appliances from remote locations with easy to use user interfaces.

  • UX Defination
    UI design

Bespken Bahamas

Website design for one of the biggest concierge service providers in Bahamas

  • UX Defination
    UI design
    Web design services

Walmart Invites

An old work for Walmart Invites where a user gets some rewards and can redeem it in actual walmart stores or online shopping.

  • UX Defination
    UI design
    Web design services

My EA Store

This is a forex trading platform for which I created the user experience and visual designs.

  • Wire-frame creation
    UX Defination
    UI design

Porsche of Oakville

Website redesign for the Porsche of Oakville.

  • UX Defination
    UI design
    Web design services

Online Canvas

User Experience for n online canvas where users can create customised info-graphics, treeviews and flowcharts etc.

  • Wire-frame creation
    UX Defination
    UI design

Dentist Learner

Dentist Learner helps the dental practitioners to find dentistry courses that they needs to attend to upgrade their carrer.

  • Wire-frame creation
    UX Defination
    UI design

Fusion Tables

Fusion Tables is a interior design company who invented the fusion table, see their website to see what they offers.

Mobile Plan Manager

An iOS app for one of the biggest mobile service provider in Europe.

  • Prototype creation
    UI design

Fredrick's of Hollywood

Fredrick's of Hollywood is one of the biggest swimwear manufacturer of USA; we created their 2011 swimwear collections website.

  • UX Defination
    UI design
    Web development services

UI designs for Web & Mobile

Dashboard designs

Financial User Interface

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Web2UI Services

Get experts help to know what exactly your customers are looking for.

Web2UI is specialized in providing valuable UX research services to improve your presence in online and apps. We aim to create superior & profitable customer experience by applying appropriate UX research methods. We work both online and offline to collect valuable feedback from your targeted clients.

Our UX Research Services include:

Customer Testing:

We focus on testing real people and observe their behaviour on your site or app to get actionable recommendations for improvements. We know that the only way you will deliver truly excellent results when you understand your customers. We follow a range of research techniques to uncover the true behaviour of your customers and what they are expecting from you.

Q&A with Existing Users:

Our strategy is to gather most important questions from your respected clients to know what are they expecting and how they want the improvement. For this, we collect not just questions but also their answers.

Conducting Surveys:

Our creative team conducts some surveys to understand where the users stand for a specific brand or product. The survey takes place dedicatedly by choosing several means to connect with customers. We run the survey through online, social media and also by calling. Here our team asks what features of the website or the app they like/dislike/want improvement. A thorough survey is conducted.

Eyetracking UX Testing:

Under UX research, we have a deep understanding of eyetracking techniques and offer high-quality eyetracking studies. We are capable of developing tailored quantitative and qualitative studies to optimize your landing pages, homepages, and apps.

Bringing Products to Life with Creative & Intuitive UX/UI Design Services

Web2UI is specialized in UI/UX design services, aiming at designing products that deliver a long-lasting impact.

As you know there are millions of websites out of which a few thousand are leading. Do you ever try to know why these sites are so appealing to users? It is there successful user interface and user experience design. At Web2UI, we do exactly that by focusing on building a great user experience. We are a dream-catchers, conduct user research, design, testing & implementation to provide compelling UX designs.

How We Do It?

While designing your app/site we follow 6 important steps:

1. UX Research:

Try to discover the purpose of the product, target audiences, and their expectations.

2. Storyboarding:

Define use cases and try to build storyboards for each use case.

3. Sketching:

Make pencil sketching on various screens under different scenarios.

4. Wireframes:

Conduct designing without styling (adding no colours and images) and CTA placement strategy. It's also called low fidelity prototype.

5. Visual Design:

Creating a final design or high fidelity prototype with pixel perfect size and proper colours.

6. Proof Of Concept:

To give a solid idea of the application flow, we create interactive PoC or Proof of concept.


Overall, we aim at user experience design. For which we carefully study behaviour pattern of users from different demography and after that create a blueprint (wireframe) by analysing the studies. The next step focuses on user interface which is based on the designed wireframe. We keep the design simple yet attractive.

Why Hire Web2UI?

  • • Provide valuable & user friendly design using the innovative UI | UX process.
  • • Our UX experts provide compelling designs that attract your targeted customers.
  • • Provide on time service.
  • • Innovative approach, following the latest trend.
  • • Weave features & details together into a single interface to attract users.
  • • Affordable solution

Web2UI is quite concerned about your presence through online & apps and has come up with POC interactive services. Our aim is to give you an idea on how your website or app will perform in future so that necessary changes can be made beforehand.

What is POC?

Let's understand with some live example, please click on the mobile app thumbnails below and experience some POCs, created by us.


POC stands for ‘Proof of Concept’ which purpose is to help product owner identifying potential technical and logistical issues that can cause interference in success. With POC, it is possible to solicit internal feedback about your product or service. It helps reducing unnecessary risk and exposure along with the opportunity to assess design choices in the early phase of development.

At Web2UI, we help create an engaging blog to bind readers. Customized blogging service provided to express your brand.

Why Web2UI for Interactive POC?

Web2UI is specialized in POC. We understand the fact that for a big value project, assessing and presenting only a homepage is not enough. Clients want to know more about their site or app. Therefore, we display the full preview the site by creating an interactive prototype. We primarily create visual designs where we can set hyperlinks to different pages and different user interactions.

Our working unit is creative and well-experienced in providing the best quality service without getting delay. We use authorized software like Sketch Play Plugins and online tools like canvasflip.com to create interactive POC.

Our Prime Features comprise

  • • Work transparency & no delay in service
  • • Providing dedicated POC interactive services
  • • Ready for adequate amount support for your POC interactive understanding & planning
  • • Attractive service packages to save your money

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About Web2UI

Hi, It's Amalendu Hajraa and a warm welcome to my website Web2UI. I have 16 years of experience as a UX expert, most of those years I spent exclusively as a UX Designer with major E-Commerce portals and Fortune 500 brands such as Pepperfry.Com, Walmart, S&P500, Porsche, NSF, Fredrick’s of Hollywood, California Lutheran University etc. I have worked on a variety of enterprise-level applications including financial and forex web and mobile apps, e-commerce; user-generated content, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps, Internet of Things, social networking, and on-demand mobile applications.

Until April 2017, I was working as the Head of UX at Pepperfry.Com, India’s No 1 Furniture E-Commerce portal. During 2005-06 I worked for S&P500's mutual fund portal as the head of design.

I have a broad skill set including User Research, User-centred designs, Hi and Low Fidelity Wireframes, User Testing and Analysis, Task Flows, Story Boarding, Prototyping, Competitive Analyses, Point of View Documents, Strategic Planning and Best Practice Recommendations from a usability/user experience perspective.

Why Choose Me Over Others?

  • I have 16 years of experience
  • Interactive customer communication and service applications
  • Solutions that meet your needs.
  • On time, every time.
  • Specialist in designing dashboard & forex trading portal.
  • Web, Mobile, Video and UX/UI - all services under one roof
  • Response time : Max 12 hrs after request made.
  • UI Design is our my skill along with the development.
  • You assign tasks directly to your developers.
  • 24 / 7 Support

My Skillsets

  • User Research
  • Interaction Design
  • Interviews / Survey / Focus Groups
  • Information Architecture
  • Story Boarding
  • UX Definition
  • UI/Visual Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Low/Hi-fidelity Wireframe
  • Interactive Prototype or PoC
  • Usability Testing
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • A/B Testing
  • Agile UX
  • Brand Design

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